Organized by the PAN-PBL Association since 2000, the series PBLxxxx International Conferences is where the world meets to discuss and explore the topics and issues about Problem-based Learning and Active Learning Methodologies that we are passionate about.

After hosting ten bi-annual traditional international conferences in many different countries, we are now also virtual, with the PBL2019 Immersive Virtual International Conference. We will keep our traditional face-to-face conferences on even years (the next will be the PBL2020 Conference, in Aalborg, Denmark). But on the odd years, starting in 2019, the PAN-PBL Association will host its immersive virtual conferences.

Keeping our tradition of organizing innovative and challenging conferences, where people can share ideas, examine trends, battle assumptions, and do networking, we adopted an innovative virtual platform that will allow immersive interaction among participants: Immersive Terf®.

“Hello future! Reinventing education” is the theme of the Conference. Our goal is to challenge participants to reflect on how Problem-Based Learning and many other Active Learning Methodologies can improve and reinvent higher and basic education, produce innovative and interdisciplinary knowledge, and foster the connection of people from different academic, socioeconomic and educational backgrounds.

Join us in the PBL2019 Immersive Virtual International Conference, and also become a member of the PAN-PBL: Association of Problem-based Learning and Active Learning Methodologies. Click here to know more about the PAN-PBL Association.