Immersive Structure

Immersive Structure

The PBL2019 Immersive Virtual International Conference will be hosted in Immersive Terf®, a state-of-the-art 3D collaboration platform. In addition to providing the traditional academic formats of research and experience sharing through Papers, Posters, Workshops, and Keynote sessions, this technology will provide attendees with ample opportunities to engage, interact and network in an immersive setting throughout the Conference.

All sessions and follow-on discussions will be video-recorded, and will be made available for registered participants following the Conference.

Conference Venue & Format

The PBL2019 Immersive Virtual International Conference will be hosted in the PAN-PBL Virtual Convention Center in Immersive Terf®. Specific rooms will be assigned for the different papers, posters, panels, lectures, workshops, and networking sessions, just as it would be for any other conference.

Participants will login to the PAN-PBL Virtual Convention Center and engage with other attendees in casual and formal settings. Using avatars to navigate through the building, whether going from session to session, or meeting with peers in social areas, participants will be able to engage with others in a variety of ways, attend a session, stay for the discussion, and meet with others in the hallway afterwards!

  • The final program schedule will be available by June 21, 2019. Sessions will be organized by relevant tracks and perspectives, which will run concurrently throughout the conference. A total of 8 time slots are available for sign ups.

  • Participants may sign up for sessions from June 22 – July 7, 2019. Attendance is limited in most sessions to 20 participants on a first-come first-served basis unless indicated otherwise, like in the panels and Keynote sessions. Sessions will be recorded and available to registered participants sometime after the conclusion of the conference.

  • There are eight time slots in the PBL2019 schedule. Attendees will be able to select one session for each time slot.

  • Prior to the conference, each registered participant will receive a “virtual bag” with all the links needed to access the sessions in which they are enrolled.


Panel/Symposia and Paper Sessions

  • Presenters will send their video presentations up to 45 days before the PBL2019 (deadline is June 1, 2019).

  • During the live session participants will watch 3 to 5 video presentations of up to 12 minutes each, which will be followed by an interactive discussion.

Poster Sessions

  • Presenters will send their PDF-Poster up to 45 days before the PBL2019 (deadline is June 1st, 2019).

  • During the live session, participants will walk through the Poster room and have an opportunity to engage with the authors about their Poster.


  • Workshops will be live sessions where participants will be divided into small groups to engage with colleagues while working together on PBL and active learning experiences.

Keynotes and Lectures Sessions

  • Keynotes, panels and large lecture sessions will be hosted in the PAN-PBL Virtual Convention Session through YouTube Live due to the large number of participants. Each of these sessions will culminate with a 30 minute discussion available by chat.

Networking Opportunities

  • Participants are encouraged to walk around and engage with others during the scheduled break times.

Prerequisites for Participation in the PBL2019 Immersive Conference

There are some technical conditions and duties to participate in this unique and innovative immersive virtual conference, to assure that all the participants have an excellent and smooth experience, avoiding issues on the synchronous sessions that may disturb the full and accurate functioning of the virtual platform.


Technical conditions for the synchronous participation

  • Install Immersive Terf® on their Mac or PC computer (Instructions will be provided).

  • Ensure you have a stable network connection. At least 10 MB. Please test the connection you intend to use prior to the conference.

  • Ensure you have a working headset and microphone connected to your computer. USB all-in-one headset/microphone is preferred, but in some cases not available. If you have any questions on the compatibility of your equipment, please contact us.


Preparing for the Conference

  • Watch the Immersive Terf® demo video.

  • Attend at least one Immersive Terf® training session to be held in June 2019 to ensure a successful and positive experience for everyone!