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Workshop Synapse Based Learning (SBL)

Join us in the workshop Synapse Based Learning (SBL) -– How to Use Social Influence, Active Learning and Problem Based Learning for Continuing Technical Education. The SBL was developed and it’s being used in technical continuing education at medical, pharmaceutical and agricultural areas, with effective results. It’s based on PBL principles but also incorporates principles of social influence and of audience segmentation. The purpose of the workshop is to demonstrate the methodology, including advanced moderation techniques, and discuss how social influence and active learning can be used for continuing technical education. Watch a short video demonstration of our workshop’s ideas and principles in the following video:

Active Learning Methods do foster youth purpose

I am Ulisses Araujo, full Professor at the School of Arts, Sciences, and Humanities of The University of São Paulo, and President of the PAN-PBL: Association of Problem-Based Learning and Active Learning Methodologies (

Working with Problem and Project-Based Learning since 2004, at this conference, I will join Prof. Jenni Mariano and Jason Stephens on Panel 7 to discuss how active learning can promote positive youth development. The three of us are experts in moral development and citizenship education and we believe that Higher Education needs to incorporate new pedagogies in order to foster the youth development.

In my presentation, I will show some experiences in Brazil where undergraduate students under my supervision were invited to create new tools to foster and engage adolescents in their purpose development. As an example, in the discipline “Problem Resolution” at the University of Sao Paulo, a group of students created a program, based in a virtual platform, to support pregnant adolescents in the search for ways to overcome the pregnancy’s difficulties and challenge and to empower them to face the adversities. The project is called “Mãe  Menina” (Child Mother).

Come to watch and discuss with us on Saturday at the PBL2019.